Vintage Cars

After my visit to Weeden Vintage Rally near to Aylesbury in Mid May, I selected a couple of my images and I'm busy retouching them for my flickr account and my website.

I've decided to work on a Red Corvette and a line of vintage Fords. With the Red Corvette I've pulled the image into Adobe Lightroom with my standard settings for my camera and did some gentle corrections such as open up the shadows and add a touch of clarity, along with boosting highlights. I then exported the image to photoshop took out some odd birds in the background and cleaned the window screen after which I used Silver Efex Pro and converted it to BW boosting the structure and saving down.

Then using Photoshop I colour selected the Red using colour range from the colour layer and created a mask allowing the Red to come through the BW, I then merged them into a final layer and tweaked the levels in the highlight areas such as the tyres and headlights.

All I have to do now is create a jpeg for my Flickr account and website.